Silverlight Files Uploader 1.1

Silverlight Files Uploader 1.1



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Date Added:01 September, 2009



Silverlight Files Uploader is the component intended for create new or integration into existing web solutions for the purpose of fast creation of application providing easy and convenient uploading multiple files on a server through Internet from a web browser. The Silverlight Files Uploader is provided in three variants: Control for ASP.NET - This kind of the control is intended for integration in ASP.NET applications. It encapsulates Silverlight module in itself and can be placed on ASP.NET web page and customized from Visual Studio designer; Control for Silverlight - This variant represents Silverlight User Control and can be integrated into the existing Silverlight application. For this purpose it is possible to use Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Expression Blend, the control can be created declaratively in XAML markup or programmatically in code behind; Silverlight Module (XAP) and sample handlers - This modification is intended for simply solutions for non-Microsoft server environments and requires ASP.NET or PHP on the server side. The main features are: multiple file selection at once by Ctrl or Shift keys; selection the all files of the folder by Ctrl+A hot key; rich progress and status information during the upload process; file filters by extension in the "Choose Files" dialog; limit the maximum allowed size of files; possibility to cancel an upload anytime; compatible with SSL (HTTPS) and any kind of authentication.

System Requirements: Silverlight 3.0

Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, WinXP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows2003

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